Pivotal health preparation for the young to mid-life years – Page 1

Young People, listen up because this chapter is for you! If you fall into the ways of our culture, it won’t be long before you find yourself drowning without a plan, without margin, and most importantly without peace. To know better is to do better. As a young adult you have a clean slate to make something of yourself whether that be following the fabulous demonstration from your parents or desiring and seeking better than what your parents demonstrated. Seek wisdom from reliable resources who have achieved financial freedom. Talk to people who practice discipline, apply consistency and have financial peace. We have reference from the oldest book in history called the Bible…

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver.

Proverbs 16:16

Life is TOUGH, adulting is hard and the more years you have on earth the more arrows you’ll need to prepare how to dodge them. In today’s world if you are not wise and prepared, you’ll find yourself a victim.

Let me open your mind to more than just our culture, you have options and if we dissect the options, it will be helpful in what you choose and how you navigate your choice.

Upon being a Senior in high school understand you have options. You can choose to work and you may find you can work your way up the ladder with time and good work ethic. You can participate in the BOCES program while still in high school which gives you a leg up in the right direction to having a trade upon graduating and with little or no continued education, which allows you to start working as an apprentice (an apprentice is one in training) and work your way to becoming a journeyman (a trained employee). You have the option to join the military which will create options of several military careers to choose from as well as get your education paid for through serving your country. You can pursue a 2 year degree (2 year degrees that can make very high 5 figure -low 6 figures are Air traffic controller, Computer Programmer, Radiation therapist, Nuclear technician, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Dental Hygienist, Registered nurse, Web developer and Aerospace Engineering Technician) The rate of your return for going to a state school 2 year college for 6 figures is a HUGE win! If you go with a min of 4 year college degree many high schools offer associate degrees in high school for a fraction of what it cost to so the same things but after high school.

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