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Wow, what an opportunity to further your education for less? Then there’s 4 years or more college education. If you chose this route, I recommend you are going because it’s the ONLY way to do what you want to do. It’s wise to do research before committing. For example, if I do this……then I will make $…. and I will owe $……..That being said I encourage you to do some shadowing of that career before diving in. I also recommend saving for college come your sophomore, junior and senior year in high school work as much as possible over the summer to save towards college. If college is the direction you choose, I recommend you apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. This will take work on your end but for every scholarship you write you can earn $500-$1000 reward for college that’s better than any paying job I know of so, get writing! The money is out there but you have to do your due diligence. Go to a state school to save money (when it’s all said and done no one really cares where you went to school after about a 1- or 2-years post-graduation people stop talking about it and remember a degree is a degree is a degree). On a side note you must pass in order to get your degree and pass licensure exams but there are doctors that barley passed and doctors that passed with flying colors, they both come out Doctors.

During college you can work are areas such as the work study program, work over breaks, live at home, or become the RA (RA have financial benefits for tuition, choose the “pay as go” for tuition are all ideas to pay your way through college. Hopefully your mom and/or dad have been saving or can pay as you go it will minimize your need to borrow money. Take note it’s not your parent’s job to put you through college. It’s a blessing if they can and do. It can be done and there are people who have got through college without student loans. Don’t be fooled that it can’t be you. People who understand discipline and consistency to financial peace find there isn’t anything they won’t do to keep it. If you end up with loans, there’s still hope to remove your debt.

If you come out of college with student loans there are jobs that offer tuition reimbursement. There are terms and conditions you must follow to receive this benefit. It’s your job to know them and follow them to a “T” so you can take the maximum benefit. If you end up taking a loan despite all my advice above (or maybe you just didn’t know before going to college) I’d recommend to double up on your loans and get rid of them as fast as possible. You have your whole life ahead of you and you don’t need any student loans slowing you down. Take note, student loans are NOT allowed in bankruptcy so if in the back of your mind you’re thinking you just won’t pay them, I will be the truth teller to inform you they are NOT going away. In facing your truth you’ll find your solutions. Many student loan borrowers have gone on their merry way not paying their loans and when they finally see they aren’t getting away with nothing matter of fact they owe just as much in interest as the original loan amount. I see this situation daily in my line of work and It’s not easy to swallow. Do not entertain this idea you’ll most definitely regret it.

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