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Your budget serves as a plan to allocate your income to the right places and keep you on pace to eliminate your debt.

Debt Snowball

By methodically erasing your debts in the order of smallest to greatest, you can build the momentum necessary to live debt free.

Emergency Funds

If you become sick and incur medical bills or your car randomly breaks down, your emergency funds take care of the unexpected.

Sinking Funds

When the holiday season comes around or you want to take your annual vacation, sinking funds are vital to preparing for the expected.

Change in Mindset

Money is a tool that you can use to expand your arsenal. That arsenal is not built overnight. You must set the foundation to see your efforts pay off.

Accountability and Encouragement

When previous attempts to get rid of your debt have failed, the missing piece to the puzzle is almost always accountability/motivation.

Let me answer your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, there is money in your existing budget — you just don’t know it.  There are a plethora of money-saving tactics to free funds for financial coaching which is ultimately an investment that has a high rate of return.  For example:  in executing the plan for 1yr of my services, you may invest around $1200 but now freed up $400-$1000/month.  That’s a $1,200.00 investment for up to $12,000.00 savings! Additionally, receiving coaching will provide you with the skills necessary for a financially healthy life that you can pass on to your children which is truly priceless.

The best course of action is to book a call with me! I am proud to serve Owego, NY but not landlocked to any particular area, as well as areas across the country.

Absolutely! To date, my clients have crushed just over $2.1 million of debt and maintain a debt-free life in which they can build wealth and give to their heart’s desire. Upon request, I can provide you with clients willing to share their experience in financial coaching.

1-2x/month depending on your needs/goals.

In-person services are available for those local to Owego, NY.


If you are a student at Binghamton University, Broome County Community College, or any other university across the country let me know.

Discounted rates are also available for high school students, whether you attend Maine-Endwell, Binghamton, Johnson City, or any other school across the country.

No. Debt elimination, although a large area I address for the majority of my clients, is only one part of my service.  

Debt is swarming the nation, especially in the Owego, NY area; however, this is only a portion of my services.

If you have tried sticking to a plan to get out of debt and it hasn’t worked, that’s your sign. By partnering with my services, you will get personalized accountability and encouragement. Often accountability is the missing link between you and success.

There are seldom situations in which someone should file bankruptcy. Getting out of debt builds character and habits that will help you maintain living a debt-free life on top of the negative effects that filing for bankruptcy has. Dismissing those and following through with bankruptcy does not always pay off. Lessons are not learned with a get-out jail-free card. For most, it’s another opportunity to continue living like they are and they will likely find themselves in the same situation. With my coaching, we will get out of debt organically.

I have worked with people of all ages as young as juniors in high school. My coaching strategy will be tailored to your age and what stage of life you are currently in.