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As a Certified Financial Coach, based out of Owego, NY, I am an expert who is prepared to offer solutions and accountability to help you achieve financial freedom.


Real Life Successes

Kaitlyn Fountaine
April 16, 2024

Nicole was really friendly and helpful! She was willing to schedule a call that worked best for my schedule. She let me explain my situation and gave honest feedback. At no point did I feel judged by her, she was very welcoming and understanding. She helped me narrow down my focus to make smart financial decisions!

Brent Beckwith
April 7, 2024

In just a few months I have seen HUGE improvements in my organization, credit score, wasteful spending, and debt. Nicole is well versed in financial coaching and knows the best route to tackle any issue!

Jeannette Edwards
March 29, 2024

Meeting Nicole was very comfortable She is energetic and has positive personality ! Professional and down to earth also. Alot of information is shared and explained thoroughly. I feel she is always looking out for MY best interest.

Tanya Jones
February 24, 2024

Nicole was a great help with my decision to stay the course with my financial journey. She made good sense and encouraged me to continue to rid myself of debt to enjoy a debt free retirement. Will make an appointment again once debt is gone. Thanks Nicole.

Christina Gurulé
February 21, 2024

Very good consultation, I was feeling so stressed about my financial situation but after getting a more in-depth review on the baby steps, I feel like I can sleep better now and I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Thank you Nicole!

Caitlin D.
January 22, 2024

Working with Nicole has helped my family tremendously! Her guidance and the consistent check ins help us stay on track to focus on our financial goals through some unexpected changes.

klmkate McAllister
January 4, 2024

My experience with Nicole so far has been wonderful! She is very genuine and honest about the process and makes you feel like you’re not alone and she will be there for you. She answered all of my questions and is always available. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me on this journey!

Catrina Romo
December 19, 2023

Nicole is wonderful to work with! She is professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable. She is always on her game and incorporates current events into her coaching. I highly recommend Nicole as a financial coach!

Stacie Buzzetti-Howard
November 29, 2023

Nicole does more than just teach us to be financially responsible! Through her knowledge, experience and prayer she guides through the emotional baggage attached to our finances. For the first time in my life I feel that I am in control of the money instead of the money controlling me!

Emily Howes
October 2, 2023

Nicole KNOWS how to help YOU! She has been absolutely fantastic to work with. She's helping me reach my financial goals, while also giving me great feedback! If it wasn't for Nicole, I would be drowning in my financial burdens, but thanks to her guidance, I KNOW where my money goes and how to use it! Thank you, Nicole, for all your wisdom! I appreciate you!!

Krista Welch
September 6, 2023

Nicole is a wonderful coach. She takes the time and effort to make sure that your future is secure. I recommend if you are struggling she is a wonderful and caring individual.

Dawn Acker
September 2, 2023

Nicole is very knowledgeable and helpful with the budging process. She is a very good teacher and ministers to all areas of my life, for that I am very thankful. Nicole does not judge me, she is very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you Nicole

Haleigh Meyer
August 22, 2023

I cannot say enough positive things! We felt like we were in a state that we couldn’t recover from. Nicole was stern but sensitive to the subject. Just enough of a swift kick to make some MAJOR changes and spark the motivation to do things better for ourselves and our family. I am going on month 3 with Nicole and I don’t foresee it ending anytime soon. Thank you Nicole from the bottom of our heart 💜

RC Brown
July 17, 2023

I booked a complimentary consultation with Nicole about an issue that I had concerns with and wasn’t sure which path to follow so I knew I needed some advice. Nicole called promptly at appointment time and we discussed a couple of things together and she helped me tremendously. She was a big help to me, and everything we discussed that she suggested made perfect sense. As with many others, I wish I would have made the call sooner. If you are thinking about making a call about advice in a direction that you are having a hard time with, call Nicole, you won’t regret it.

A&H Roofing
June 27, 2023

Being new to the Debt Free game, my wife and I decided to make a change and commit to the Ramsey method. In doing so, we were introduced to Nicole. A little skeptic of the process and not sure what to expect we booked a free consultation to discuss our situation and see if we were going to move forward. Well, we took a leap of faith and moved forward with Nicole on a monthly basis. What a game changer she is. Explaining the process one step at a time and really listening to our situation, we’ve grown to value her expertise and the knowledge she brings to the table. It’s not easy, but it’s so nice to having her along side of us. Coaching, educating, and truly concerned about “OUR” financial freedom. We WILL be debt free and Nicole is a huge part of all the success we’ve had so far. We highly recommend scheduling a free consultation. You owe it to yourself. Brian and Kim

Penny Heath
April 27, 2023

Good morning i just wanted to say thank you for giving me your book I've read it 3 times now. i am in a point in my life were i am now financially happy i have paid off all cc debt and i have brought my score up from 620 to a whooping 750 within a year my next goal is to pay my car off, i purchased it in march 2022. im halfway there now my goal is by December to have it paid in full. i appreciate your accountability and i see you and hear you on Facebook i am so proud of myself for not relying on cc usage. i am not in her group i just simply followed her on Facebook I kept her book with me to reference myself and to keep me in check with my own progress

Erik Galarza
February 25, 2023

Nicole has easily gone above and beyond helping me out with various times emailing her and speaking with her and that's even after just a free consultation. She has provided insight and direction multiple times for me to try to work on different topics regarding my finances. I easily recommend reaching out to her for at the very least of free consultation in letting her assist you in funny the Best service that fits you!

Mr. Mister
December 24, 2022

Nicole is a HUGE help ! Because of her i have improved as a person and matured managing my money like a human is supposed to. When i tell you that she’s the real deal … SHES THE REAL DEAL!

Gio P
November 7, 2022

Such a great teacher in the art of finance. Great motivator, highly recommend.

Jennifer Flanders
July 20, 2022

Nicole is a joy to work with. She is professional and pleasant. Every aspect of my resources, goals, and needs has been taken into account creating a personalized plan. I 100% recommend working with her, you won’t regret it. You will only regret not doing it sooner.

Tamu Lane
April 1, 2022

Nicole was very helpful and I am grateful for her support and help.

Anna Kim
March 23, 2022

This was my first time talking to a financial coach. I was really nervous and didn't felt prepare, but Nicole was so friendly, warm and open throughout our conversations. She guided me through the steps I needed to take in this season and reminded me to stay consistent and discipline. Nicole was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and made me feel more certain regarding my financial goals. I had a great experience, would recommend Nicole anyone!

Colleen Edward
January 6, 2022

Nicole has helped me get my financial focus back. Now that I am a widow, and my focus has to be different then before, she has helped me put fires out!

Nick Benuska
May 5, 2021
Christine Pineiro
March 22, 2021

I cannot recommend Nicole enough. Her guidance is invaluable. She makes her clients feel like anything is possible by setting up measurable goals and providing motivating support. I feel confident and pumped after every session.

I am so grateful for the insight and encouragement you give to me. This journey of financial freedom has brought me so much more than just financial freedom and it's because of the coach I have for sure!!! I appreciate you so very much!!  Take care!

M.G. Client

Good morning, I did it. I paid off my student loan! I can't believe all my money from here on out is really all mine. Thank you for your guidance and believing in me. Best money spent!   

J.F. Client


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