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Put yourself in a position where you can switch careers, where one parent can stay home is you want to, where you dot have to work in a toxic environment that runs 100% against your own ethical and moral standards. Its not about how money you make it’s about how much money you keep.

A reflective verse comes out of Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So that you may prove what is good, well-pleasing, & perfect will of God. Meaning are you living your best life God designed you to live? His way are for us not against us. Shifting your patterns and focus can change your life. That’s what this verse is about-renewing you mind, changing the way you think to create a better life for yourself and a life that honors God. The world and society have patterns or ways that lead to a broken life. Break this cultural trap, be counter culture “weird.” I san say I’m one of those weird ones and after experiencing being “normal” to our cultural standards I much prefer “weird” any day. There is HOPE, I’m a real person with a real story and who works on the circle of health daily and it works. How do I know? Well not only have maintained my physical health for decades and continuously work on my mental/emotional and spiritual health with counseling, self-help books, church, prayer, sing praise, surrounds myself with good people, I exercise 3-5 days a week, give to others, maintain good nutrition, prioritize plenty of seep and hydration and I obtained 100% financial freedom (mortgage included) at the age of 40 and have maintained it for 3.5 years. I’m no different than you, I don’t come from wealth, I didn’t inherit money, I didn’t make over 6 figures I was just someone who has a great work ethic, loves how overall health feels and I want to leave that legacy to the next generation. Here is Biblical references Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” (NKJV)

Physical Health-Eat right. Don’t end your physical life short of the years God gave you to live. Hands down if you don’t eat right now, you’ll pay for it later. Choosing healthy foods is being a good steward of your amazing body. The body is one of the most amazing creations, but put the wrong fuel in it and you’ll get exactly what you paid for. I like that motto, “Eat to live not Live to eat.”

Developing a palate for good nutrition will come and once it does, you’ll wonder how you ever put toxic, unnatural, processed foods in your body to begin with. Taking care of your body also includes drinking water which I often refer to as liquid miracle and getting enough sleep is essential for your body to restore and repair. Stress reduction will be key as well. Take note the outward symptoms of stress are only a fraction of what’s happening on the inside. Jeopardizing any of these will have significant impact on your physical and financial health. The lessons that come out of disease typically create a different lifestyle but I’d like to warn you ahead of time, respect your temple before it’s too late. Its best to be preventative than to live with shame. Shame can be a killer. We don’t want you saying “would shoulda coulda.” Why isn’t this the loudest message you hear on media or the news? Well, franklin there’s no money to be made when you take care of our body. Think about it….feed yourself the processed, cheap foods, make everything super convenient, require minimal energy, create war against one another, increases stress levels then multiply that by 10-40 years and you have a perfect storm for you to have a disease. Do you see where these leads? Because you didn’t want to discipline yourself and remain consistent ( statistically its low numbers in who do and its counted on) with better healthier behaviors you now become the victim and now take part of big pharma. That’s where the money is. Main stream media won’t promote where the money is not. Big Pharma is defined as a major multinational pharmaceutical company collectively as a sector of industry. You should also know big pharma remains the most profitable industry in America.

So, you go for your annual checkup and your blood works reveal high sugar levels. You are advised from your doctor you have a few months to improve your nutrition or else you’ll need to start treatment for diabetes. So, you have a choice stop wasting money of crap nutrient that offers you nothing but yet you use your hard-earned cash to buy it, (a double negative) or in 5 months you have diabetic fees that on average that cost you $500.00/month for the rest of your life. We can agree it’s all hard and we all choose our hard, personally speaking I’d definitely choose behavior changes of discipline before surrendering to Big Pharma any day.

A body in motion stays in motion. Exercise releases great stress reduction hormones called endorphins. It’s a great way to get happy, strong, flexible, confident, helps prevent disease and slows down the aging process. 30 mins per day is not much of a requirement. There’s a great rate of return for your life by remaining consistnet and disciplined in this area. Consisntency and Discipline come up a lot

Your emotional/mental and spiritual health take equal share in your overall health. I’m not a counselor or psychologist but I can tell you counseling, retraining of neuro pathways, forgiveness is very important and the investment has a great rate of return if you follow through.

Dealing with symptoms is only half the battle here. Digging up those deep seeded root system is where the real transformation takes place. When this digging up the root of the problem hasn’t been dealt with is why we often see addictions remain no matter the extreme approach to fix the symptom. An example you may have seen is those who went and had gastric surgery but after a period of time weight gain returns or they now become anorexic. True gain of emotional mental and or spiritual health takes a lot longer than it takes the physical body to heal. Just because we can see a wound doesn’t mean there isn’t one there. So, if you need help in this area be ready to invest, many insurances don’t cover mental health unless its prescription drugs and be ready to commit with your time. Consistency will separate those who are able to obtain mental, emotional, spiritual health vs those who don’t. Surround yourself with healthy people. Find a church where you can learn and grow in your faith. Again, I say chose your hard, if you don’t do a thing in 5 years, you’ll remain the same which is hard and if you commit to what it takes (time, funds) to heal in 5 years you’ll be someone you glad you invested in. Time is priceless and we are the managers of our time. What will you do with your time?

In conclusion I probably don’t have the degree to recreate the circle of health, but I’m going to anyways! Up until this time it has been a breakdown of overall health into four groups: Physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. I believe a financial category needs to be added.

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